Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Temptations – Customer service

Happy Valentines my peeps! I hope everybody got spoilt from their loved ones.
I was still on the lookout for that sexy outfit for my missus, so I went to the shop temptations. The service turned out to be terrible. I walked into the shop and there were about 4 other people and only 1 staff member, so at that point I already knew how this was going to go down.
We all stood around inside the shop waiting to be served by the 1 staff member -hahahahaha what a joke. I stood around in that shop for about 20 mins and nothing had happened.  The woman behind the counter was so slow with helping the customers, so I eventually got the s**t’s and started to walk out..I thought that I would go look at another shop, then come back to Temptations when maybe they had more time for me.
I went back to the shop after about half an hour just to see that some of the people in there were the same people in there before. I couldn’t believe it. After waiting so long to be served I wasn’t interested.  So I thought to myself, the shop assistant made me wait forever to be served now I was going to waste her time with all my stupid questions. hahahahahahah.  My shopping experience at Temptations was not very lakka at all.  I’m very disappointed in that customer service. I wouldn’t go spend my money there - I would rather go to La Senza to buy those sexy outfits for the lady in your lives, well cuzzies hopefully valentines day was a jol for everybody.
Much love my peeps!

La Senza – Customer Service

Watkind cuzzies! Still living up the valentines vibe and it was time for me to go check out some sexy under-drawers lol.
I went to a shop called La Senza to look for those sexy items of clothing, I’m not going to lie to you but King Tiny was nervous (chicken s**t). I didn’t know how I was going to be treated inside that shop because I had never been into a store like that so it was not easy for me, but I did it and WOW!!!!!!! Not only was it full of sexy clothing, the service was awesome.
I walked into the shop and I was greeted straight away, there was no time for me to build up the courage, I had to bring it on straight away. I wish I could of seen my face. I told the lady in the shop this is the first time for me so I needed help, she asked me if I had any ideas on what I was looking for and she did the rest from there. it was awesome. I was shown all the different types of styles and the prices.  she told me which ones have been the most popular this Valentines, the service that I got was out of this world it has been the best I have had I’m so impressed. Other companies must send their staff to La Senza to train their staff members!
I would most definitely go spend my money their not only cause it had amazing service but also I would smaak to check my bokkie in some of those items of clothing hahahahah ( I say that with a huge smile on my face ). The staff in La Senza should be awarded cause they made my shopping experience worth every minute and I thank you for that, good service like that is so hard to find.
Well La Senza, King Tiny walked into your shop service and ready for problems and you proved me wrong I actually walked out with a smile and very happy with every bit of your service.
Peace out!  

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Billabong- customer service!

What kind peeps! Long time no post, been rather busy. I thought I would test another clothing store, so I took a stroll into Billabong and oh wow I was unimpressed.

When I first walked into the shop the staff didn’t even look up at me to greet me or anything, they just carried on doing whatever the hell they were doing in their little group. I walked around the shop looking at the sunglasses which were kept behind a glass window. I thought that if I stood there long enough then maybe one of the staff would come and ask if I needed help, well that failed hopelessly.
They didn’t care I was in that shop, and it obviously wasn’t an issue for them to make a sale and that was just darn sad. The customer service was terrible!
I really got over waiting for help so I went and looked at the wallets which were right next to where they were standing.  amazingly I got greeted but it was a simple ‘look up, say hello, then go back to wat they were doing’ ha! Can u handle it.
At that point in my day I couldn’t care anymore  - I had been walking around that shop for about 15 mins before anything happened between me and the staff members, so I just walked up to the group and asked if they had any other kinds of wallets, and the reply I got was “yes that’s all”.
I did the right thing and said thanks, turned around and walked out the shop. I won’t return back to that shop, even if it was the last shop on earth, they don’t deserve my greens LOL. Hopefully they clean up their act for all the other customers walking in and out of that shop.

If you guys experience anything like this, give me a shout.
Peace cuzzies happy shopping!!!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Quicksilver – customer care

Howzit my peeps! I hope you all had a lakka festive season hahahahaha but now its time to get back to work... eish.
I decided to go do some clothes shopping and I have been looking for a new wallet.
I went to Quicksilver to have a look, because they usually have some good stuff there.  As I walked into the shop I was greeted by some lovely looking ladies (I was in heaven) I wish I could have had all of them serve me and help me around LOL, im being nawty.
I was looking for a nice wallet for myself so the one shop assistant took me to where the wallets were kept and stayed with me while I looked, she had no problem with opening the cabinet for me to look at them properly, and was very helpful. There were no signs of her not wanting to be there or anything - it was really good.... I am impressed well done missy! ;-)  It was a pity they never had a wallet I was looking for as I wouldn’t have minded spending my cash there. It was pretty refreshing to walk into a shop and see such happy, bubbly people - you just know that the shopping experience is going to be fun and that is how it was!, such a nice friendly bunch of people working at that shop.
So I didn’t end up buying a wallet there, but the assistant was still cool and walked with me towards the door. She said I must come visit the store again when they have more stock. My reply? Of course!
What a great shopping experience guys! I will defiantly go back there sometime and spend some money. I walked out there a very happy customer and that is awesome. King Tiny is impressed.