Friday, 14 October 2011


Sup peeps!!!!! Any ways back to the real stuff these are just a few things that I would expect wen walking into a shop, wen u walk into the shop the first thing that happens well should happen is for u to be greeted with a smile and just good body language u cant have someone working for u that slides around like a sloth and doesn’t smile or anything lol. Body language is important. The customer wants to be treated wit respect you cant walk up to an elderly lady and say wats up aunty im pretty sure u will catch a handbag to the side of ur pip lol they just want respect, wen someone feels respected they will treat u with respect. In my books honesty is the best policy, im pretty sure everyone doesn’t liked to be lied too so if a customer comes into your shop and asks for something and u not sure were it is or even if u don’t know wat the hell they talking about atleast  try help them don’t lie to them and say the shop doesn’t have it cause if that customer goes to another staff member and asks the same thing and they help that customer trust me ur ears are going to ring whaalala.

If a customer walks into ur shop and he/she is looking abit down try to make them smile go out of ur way to make them happy ask wat they need be jolly but not to jolly that u start to scare them lol just do wateva u can to make them happy. Serving a customer needs to be done with effort u need to show them that they are important ppl even if u packing the trolley try do it with a smile lol. The customers needs must be met if they need the box on to top shelf it is ur job to get it nobody gives a s***t how u get it down u just have to do it, wen a customer walks into the shop they expect to be helped ASAP as there money is more important than ur phone call from ur chicky, if u r busy with another customer and there isn’t anyone else to help all u need to do is acknowledge that the customer is there and u will be there soon to help them im sure there will be some understanding if not sorry 4 u.
Wen a customer comes to ur shop they will always think if there car is safe and if they are safe it is a good idea to have a security guard  to look after the cars and the building so the customers will feel safe. If a customer had to walk into ur shop with old clothes and no shoes that doenst give anyone the rite to treat them different. don’t judge anyone, who knows they might have more money than u will ever have then u will feel like a real tool lol. The customer comes to ur shop to spend there hard earn money so it will be a good idea to mention the specials that are on at the moment everyone likes to save abit of money, even the rich ppl lmfao.  Whether it's a coupon for a future discount, additional information on how to use the product, or a genuine smile, people love to get more than they thought they were getting, come on its laka to get something for free now and again.
Customers don’t buy products and services cuz the buy the feeling they get from that product it has to that mad rush. the more the shop knows wat there customer the happier u can make them. So wat if the customer isn’t always rite they should always win cause we are the kings lol suckers.
The best is wen u have to return something wow that s***t attitude u get or even the hairy eye ball I mean WTF I paid for that and I don’t want it anymore so give my cash back, and wen the vouchers come out the hair on the back of my neck stands up, if I wanted a stupid voucher I would of bought one from the beginning!!!!! If these shops gave our money back wen we return things it would make things so much easier, one day they will irritate the wrong person with those stupid vouchers and they will probably catch a PK from the back jean pocket lol and I will pay money to see that.


  1. Service in SA is generally appalling. There yet there is nothing that gets my knickers in a knot more. Bad Services sucks!

    So what made you start a blog, Tiny?

  2. cAUSE im gonna stretch the valves of people giving bad service thats wot... I like scots..

  3. "A poes klap from the back jean pocket"!! I just pissed myself at that line dude!

    Great first post Tiny, and I couldn't agree more about the need for some simple courtesy and a little respect from sales staff. At the end of the day, I get to choose where I spend my money - the least I expect from the shop staff is a greeting and a "How can I help you".

    The thing that bugs me the most though is when you get attitude from a sales person and speak to the manager (if you actually find one!) they have the same or worse approach. Dimwits.

    Did you read the GASP story from Australia that we covered last week over on BlaBla? It's a perfect example of how to piss your customers off.

    Linkage here:

  4. I've never been to Aussie dude! But im gonna take a see now... you bblllaa bbblllaa lekka Chana!!
    And if you got any bad stores for me to dis dis you just let me know... I'm heading out next wekk n all..

  5. And do you know wat gets to me the most? Is when youve got a salesman selling something that they know absolutely F-all about. If u gonna sell something atleast know how the dam thing works!