Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Billabong- customer service!

What kind peeps! Long time no post, been rather busy. I thought I would test another clothing store, so I took a stroll into Billabong and oh wow I was unimpressed.

When I first walked into the shop the staff didn’t even look up at me to greet me or anything, they just carried on doing whatever the hell they were doing in their little group. I walked around the shop looking at the sunglasses which were kept behind a glass window. I thought that if I stood there long enough then maybe one of the staff would come and ask if I needed help, well that failed hopelessly.
They didn’t care I was in that shop, and it obviously wasn’t an issue for them to make a sale and that was just darn sad. The customer service was terrible!
I really got over waiting for help so I went and looked at the wallets which were right next to where they were standing.  amazingly I got greeted but it was a simple ‘look up, say hello, then go back to wat they were doing’ ha! Can u handle it.
At that point in my day I couldn’t care anymore  - I had been walking around that shop for about 15 mins before anything happened between me and the staff members, so I just walked up to the group and asked if they had any other kinds of wallets, and the reply I got was “yes that’s all”.
I did the right thing and said thanks, turned around and walked out the shop. I won’t return back to that shop, even if it was the last shop on earth, they don’t deserve my greens LOL. Hopefully they clean up their act for all the other customers walking in and out of that shop.

If you guys experience anything like this, give me a shout.
Peace cuzzies happy shopping!!!


  1. Thanks for popping by my bloggy today.

    Unfortunately I don't buy brands but if I did I would expect the "brand" stores to give better service because their prices are "through the bloody roof">

  2. that's what i thought it would be like too but it was terrible how they actually don't care.