Wednesday, 22 February 2012

La Senza – Customer Service

Watkind cuzzies! Still living up the valentines vibe and it was time for me to go check out some sexy under-drawers lol.
I went to a shop called La Senza to look for those sexy items of clothing, I’m not going to lie to you but King Tiny was nervous (chicken s**t). I didn’t know how I was going to be treated inside that shop because I had never been into a store like that so it was not easy for me, but I did it and WOW!!!!!!! Not only was it full of sexy clothing, the service was awesome.
I walked into the shop and I was greeted straight away, there was no time for me to build up the courage, I had to bring it on straight away. I wish I could of seen my face. I told the lady in the shop this is the first time for me so I needed help, she asked me if I had any ideas on what I was looking for and she did the rest from there. it was awesome. I was shown all the different types of styles and the prices.  she told me which ones have been the most popular this Valentines, the service that I got was out of this world it has been the best I have had I’m so impressed. Other companies must send their staff to La Senza to train their staff members!
I would most definitely go spend my money their not only cause it had amazing service but also I would smaak to check my bokkie in some of those items of clothing hahahahah ( I say that with a huge smile on my face ). The staff in La Senza should be awarded cause they made my shopping experience worth every minute and I thank you for that, good service like that is so hard to find.
Well La Senza, King Tiny walked into your shop service and ready for problems and you proved me wrong I actually walked out with a smile and very happy with every bit of your service.
Peace out!  

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