Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Temptations – Customer service

Happy Valentines my peeps! I hope everybody got spoilt from their loved ones.
I was still on the lookout for that sexy outfit for my missus, so I went to the shop temptations. The service turned out to be terrible. I walked into the shop and there were about 4 other people and only 1 staff member, so at that point I already knew how this was going to go down.
We all stood around inside the shop waiting to be served by the 1 staff member -hahahahaha what a joke. I stood around in that shop for about 20 mins and nothing had happened.  The woman behind the counter was so slow with helping the customers, so I eventually got the s**t’s and started to walk out..I thought that I would go look at another shop, then come back to Temptations when maybe they had more time for me.
I went back to the shop after about half an hour just to see that some of the people in there were the same people in there before. I couldn’t believe it. After waiting so long to be served I wasn’t interested.  So I thought to myself, the shop assistant made me wait forever to be served now I was going to waste her time with all my stupid questions. hahahahahahah.  My shopping experience at Temptations was not very lakka at all.  I’m very disappointed in that customer service. I wouldn’t go spend my money there - I would rather go to La Senza to buy those sexy outfits for the lady in your lives, well cuzzies hopefully valentines day was a jol for everybody.
Much love my peeps!