Thursday, 12 January 2012

Quicksilver – customer care

Howzit my peeps! I hope you all had a lakka festive season hahahahaha but now its time to get back to work... eish.
I decided to go do some clothes shopping and I have been looking for a new wallet.
I went to Quicksilver to have a look, because they usually have some good stuff there.  As I walked into the shop I was greeted by some lovely looking ladies (I was in heaven) I wish I could have had all of them serve me and help me around LOL, im being nawty.
I was looking for a nice wallet for myself so the one shop assistant took me to where the wallets were kept and stayed with me while I looked, she had no problem with opening the cabinet for me to look at them properly, and was very helpful. There were no signs of her not wanting to be there or anything - it was really good.... I am impressed well done missy! ;-)  It was a pity they never had a wallet I was looking for as I wouldn’t have minded spending my cash there. It was pretty refreshing to walk into a shop and see such happy, bubbly people - you just know that the shopping experience is going to be fun and that is how it was!, such a nice friendly bunch of people working at that shop.
So I didn’t end up buying a wallet there, but the assistant was still cool and walked with me towards the door. She said I must come visit the store again when they have more stock. My reply? Of course!
What a great shopping experience guys! I will defiantly go back there sometime and spend some money. I walked out there a very happy customer and that is awesome. King Tiny is impressed.

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