Thursday, 15 December 2011

Look & Listen- customer care

Whats up my peeps! It seems to be music time hahahahaha.
I took a stroll to look & listen to see how they compare to musica and the way I was treated at look & listen will out do musica any day, it was fantastic. I walked into the shop and was greeted straight away with a huge welcome by such a friendly guy showing me all the latest deals and releases available I was very impressed.
The shop is so organised everything is so easy to find and it’s a lakka big shop too so you not all on top of each other - and I mean the shop was busy being Christmas, I was expecting to wait awhile to be served but I was wrong.  I was helped within minutes of entering the shop. I asked the chap for a CD that I have been looking for all over, and I said that to him and he tuned me lets go check up on the computer to save time looking around and I was keen for that cause I don’t smaak crowds. He searched for my CD and found it on the system but we were both not to sure if it was the one I was looking for so he told me to follow him and he went looking through the racks for me and I just had to stand there and see if it was the right CD I was looking for, and it was.
That chap that served me was a star and he even stopped wat he was doing to help me, he didn’t make me wait for anything. Once we found the CD he stepped back while I made sure it was the one I wanted and he didn’t put me under pressure to buy it or anything the customer service and customer care at look & listen is out of this world. 
Look & listen will always get my money if I want some good tunes, cause they were the top dogs.
I am so happy and impressed with that shop. The vibe in the shop was so lakka everyone was happy and chilled and that is how things should be, us customers are always keen to shop at places like these..
Look & listen thumbs up to you cuzzies I am a happy customer I will be back hahahahahahaha!!!
Lakka my cuzzies!!.  

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