Friday, 9 December 2011

Musica – customer service

Wazzzzzzz up cuzzies!! I really smaak my music so I went to visit musica’s other shop to see if they had what I was looking for, and by the look of things not.  I just can’t win.
 I went in knowing wat I was looking for and from having that bad experience with the other musica shop with everything being upside down I was preparing myself for the worst lol.
 Funny enough the shop was very organised and things where in the right place it was much easier to find what I was looking for, maybe because it is a smaller shop or something I don’t know but they should all be the same. I looked around that shop and just couldn’t find the CD I was looking for and by this time I have been there awhile and I was the only person in the shop with 3 staff members, they could see I was looking for something but they didn’t ask me if I needed help. Staff members don’t realize that if they help the customers it makes it easier and faster for the customer to get what they are looking for and they will return cause the customer service was so good, if they could understand that then life would be so much easier lol but they don’t really care.
 The shop didn’t have the CD I was looking for and I couldn’t be bothered to ask them to order it cause if there ordering is like there service then I will never get my CD. I decided to take another CD and I wasn’t sure if it was the latest one so I had to go ask one of them , the one lady saw me walking towards her and she was all of a sudden very busy to help me so she called someone else and she wasn’t a bundle of joy either.
When I eventually got help I asked if the CD I was holding the latest one and my replay was “ ja” that is all that was said haha,I couldn’t believe it, I had a smile on my face but oh my it was an evil smile. I was standing at the till waiting to pay for my CD and that took some time for that to happen cause that same woman behind the counter just didn’t want to help me, not once did that woman that did the sale give me eye contact it was like I wasn’t there at all so I just wanted to pay for the CD and leave, thinking about it now I shouldn’t of bought anything there....
 Hopefully one of these days all these oxygen thieves will realise that they need to help the customers and make them happy. Happy customers means happy store and a happy store means happy boss and then that means happy staff its not hard to understand hahahahahahaha
Well peeps this shop got my money but didn’t deserve it... Send me a message if you have anything about customer service and customer care. Don’t be shy!!!
Lakka cuzzies!    


  1. You gotta tell us where these stores are my brother from another mother! Don't want to be making the mistake of visiting the one in your previous post when this one sounds so much better!

  2. this one is better cause everything is set out properly but the service was s**t thats the only problem but hopefully now with the christmas season coming into play things might pick up hahahahaha i really wonder

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