Thursday, 8 December 2011

Musica Megastore- Customer service

Howzit! my peeps long time no stories lol sorry about that. im sure you will get over it hahahahahaha!!!
I went to Musica megastore to buy a CD for a Christmas present but when I walked into the shop I was lost hahahaha nothing was in order. I was given a pamphlet when I walked in hoping that it would be a map of some sort! im not happy about the layout of that shop, surely the latest releases should be in the front of the shop that everyone can see and with a big heading pointing out where they are.
I walked around the shop trying to find the section where I would maybe find the CD but it was a nightmare. Everything is mixed up in that store, the old is with the new and the different languages are all mixed up. It took me awhile to start understanding their set up
Eventually I was asked if I wanted some help and I was fast to answer that. I asked the chap to please show me where I can find the certain CD I was looking for and he was pretty sharp. He found the section where it should be but my item wasn’t there. That was now a major flop, I felt like all my time walking around like a stupid was a waste of time and he could see that and he said he is going to go check on the system if they have that CD or wat.  The bad news came back that they are sold out, and he tried to offer me another one.   I wasn’t interested so I thought I would ask him where I could maybe get it, (I thought he would say he doesn’t know) but sure enough he recommended me to another Musica just down the way from their shop.
The guy that helped me in Musica was a good guy and I suppose he tried to help with whatever I needed so shot for that cuzz!! All they need to do is sort out the order in that shop and there customer care will be awesome. I had a lakka time in Musica I will more than likely be back to spend some money there.
Anyways peeps don’t be shy send me some comments . lakka my peeps!!!!!!!


  1. i also like musica but look and listen is much better so much more customer friendly if you want to find a cd there shelves are sorted out lakka!!