Friday, 18 November 2011

Mr Price Home Away From Home….- customer care

This is a joke my peeps hahahahahah! I love it when you talk to people and explain something to them what you’re looking for, and they seem to know what you meant,  but in the mean time they haven’t got a clue.
I went to Mr Price home looking for a Christmas present for my mother and I knew what I wanted cause I was told about it, so I thought if I could understand what I was looking for then other people would also understand it too hahahahaha fat chance of that happening.I walked through the shop first to see if I could find what I was looking for but I didn’t know what section it was in, nobody came to try help me I wasn’t surprised. I had to go find someone to help me cause I could walk through that shop for the whole day trying to find that item. I asked someone to help me and she didn't look to impressed with me cause I stopped her from folding towels lol.

I explained what I wanted and she showed me the complete opposite thing, so I stopped and explained it in more detail and that didn’t help either.  She said that they might have something in the store room so I thought I might hit luck and maybe someone in the back might understand lol. she bought out the same things she was showing me on the floor I just had to laugh.

While she was in the stock room I carried on looking around - and found the item I was looking for. It happened to be right there where I asked the lady to help me, and it looked just like the way I explained it to her. I waited for her to return from the stock room to tell me that they don’t have anything like what im trying to explain to her.

I took the sales assistant to see the item I had found, and the look on her face was priceless! LOL.
I wish I had a camara lol. but the thing is that I had to find my own item . the staff nowadays don’t know what the shop is selling and that is sad cause then the staff is no help to us customers and that makes the customer service and customer care bad for the shop and that will just cause us to get angry, but hey I suppose she tried to help by going into the storeroom to look for me and all that but it didn’t help that she had no idea what she was looking for hahahahahahaha shame.


  1. The sales staff have no clue about the stock their store has. Its shocking!

  2. i know tell me about it and i explained the best i could and they still had no idea hahahaha

  3. Yo Tiny dude, cuzzie, bud!

    Need some recommendations for a single store to spend all my green in for my Christmas shopping. I hate doing it, so need to get in and out as quickly and painlessly as possible!

    Got a variety of ages and genders to buy for so a general store with a wide range, fair prices and, of course, proactive smiling happy sales staff.

  4. sup Bla Bla it is pretty hard to find one shop to do all your shopping hahahahahah and one with good customer service so im sorry to say but you going to have to split up your shopping

  5. Yeah, was worried you say that.
    So it looks like everyone in the family is going to have to settle for beer if they're an adult, or a eastgate/sandton city gift voucher if they are underage or a non-drinker.
    Merry Christmas one and all!

  6. hahahahaha thats one way to sort that out! sorry i couldnt be much of a help with your problem hahahahaha