Thursday, 17 November 2011

Mr.Price Sports is not very Sporty!- customer care

Sup cuzzies!! Once again it is so hard to find good customer service. 
Well maybe this one wasn’t too bad hahahahaha.
I paid a visit to Mr Price Sport and it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. I walked around the shop for a while before I was helped and the only reason I was helped was cause I looked at him and and waited for him to greet me and come help me hahahahaha poor guy must of felt my eyes ripping through him lol.
The fella didn’t really help me cause he didn’t know wat I was talking about most of the time which seems like it’s a Mr Price thing and it is not cool at all. I was looking at a cricket bat there and it had a sticker on it saying ‘no guarantee’, so I asked the guy how can this be rite- cause im not going to pay like R800 for a bat and it breaks the first ball I smack out the park. He said he doesn’t know why it is like that. I was on the verge of going to scream at someone cause that guarantee thing is a load of s**t, im sorry I wont chance my luck and throw that money.
I know it isn’t the staff guys fault but that is stupid of the shop. The guy that helped me he wasn’t too bad he tried to answer my questions but failed hopelessly hahahahahaha shame poor fella. Mr Price sport is a very nice shop they have a wide variety of things there. but they need to do something about their staff. A good shop with good staff would do wonders but nobody grafts that hard. lol but customer service is really going down the tubes and that is not good at all. There is going to be more online buying than in-store shopping and that is not going to be good for staff members.
I suppose I would consider spending my money at Mr Price cause they have some lakka stuff, but I wont be buying anything risky – like a cricket bat hahahahaha.
If you experience bad customer service let me know cuzzies and we can discuss it hahahaha lakka peeps!!!