Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Mr Price Retail Experience- customer service

Good day my peeps! I haven’t been so shocked before with a clothing shop in my life I just couldn’t believe it.
I went into Mr Price just walked through the shop very chilled looking for the section i wanted to get something from, I couldn’t find it. How can a huge shop not have signs up saying men’s section and woman’s section, I wasted about ten minutes of my time just trying to find the section I wanted eventually I found the section and right infront of me was the group staff standing around the trolly with all clothes on it and they were just having a fat chat and when they saw me there they all looked at me and didn’t greet me or smile at me they just all walked away.
I look through the slops and shoes there but they make the stand so high that I couldn’t see wat the bigger sizes where so I was hoping someone would come help me but nobody came to help. I went to find someone to help me, she didn’t look very interested in helping me but she did( well she thinks she did lol) I asked her wat the biggest sizes are of the shoes and she had no idea she said a 10 was the biggest but right infront of her was a 12 hahahahahaha, that’s abit of a slap in the face.
I really lost interest in the shoes part cause clearly she didn’t know wat was going on so I asked her for socks and she walked me to the socks section. I asked her for the thin socks cause I don’t like the thick winter socks and can you believe she didn’t know wat I was talking about once again and she handed me the thick socks and I said to her again that I want the thin socks and she just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders and walked away, I was stunned ( a PK was almost in order hahahaha, I wish)
After she walked away I just said stuff that this shop isn’t getting my money and I stormed out, I wish I could get a shirt with a big zap on the back and it must say King Tiny is giving you the bird!!!!! That was not a good experience at Mr Price im really not a all with the customer service they dont care about there customers.
Lakka cuzzies !!!! keen to hear from you!


  1. Mr Price has never been known for their friendly staff.

    However PNP is worse. That's why Ive started shopping at Checkers. Net om die hoek!

  2. it was terrible and i havent gone to a PNP yet but i will add it to the list,shot lass lol

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