Friday, 11 November 2011

DION WIRED- customer service

Sup  cuzzies!! Looks like we having a problem with these electronic shops hey.
I went to Dion Wired to look for a fan, cause you know the steamy hot days are not that far away – and I hate the heat. Wen I walked into the shop I had no idea where on earth the fans would be so I really hoped someone would come and help me, but nobody did.  so I walked around that shop like such a fool cause it’s a massive shop with a lot of stuff in it. I hate wen ppl make a fool of me like the staff at Dion Wired!!!!
I eventually found the fan section lol it was so cool (excuse the pun lol) the fan that I was looking for wasn’t there with all the rest of them - so now I really hoped I would get some assistance, because I’m standing in the fan section looking very tense - but once again I wasn’t helped and I saw the guys that work there just standing around watching tv on the big screen’s on display and that wasn’t cool cuzzies. Im the customer and you guys work at the shop for crying out loud, one day ppl are going to have to start serving themselves!
The fan that I wanted was on display away from the rest of the fans, and guess wat it had no bladdy price on it hahahahah can you handle it. I wasn’t helped at that shop the whole time I was there and I think I was in that shop for at least 45mins and I wasn’t even greeted wen I walked into the door. I cant believe how us customers are getting treated, if we didn’t go spend our hard earned cash at the shops (and that money is used to pay salaries), just imagine all the shops only paid there staff commission and no basic salary maybe then we would get served cause they will need the money and they would work ,but now as it is nobody cares about the customers and that is bulls**t!!!!!!
So I haven’t had a good experience at the last two electronic shops and maybe neither have you guys so pull into my blog and choon choon cuzzies don’t be scared I wont bite…………much hahahaha we need to get ontop of this customer care and customer service it is getting out of hand.
Lakka peeps!!   


  1. The Staff at dion wired are paid commision only

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