Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Hi-Fi Corporation- customer service

Sup cuzzies! Another day in paradise.  wat is up with these shops and bad service to their customers? WTF its not right.
I went to govan mani and as you can see I’m not spelling it with a capital letter cause they treated me like s**t and im not impressed with them at all. I went into the shop looking for a digital camera, and I didn’t know where I would find it.  I tried to get the attention of a staff member but he wasn’t interested at all.
In the shop there were a total of 6 staff members,  and 4 customers and not one of them served me. They didn’t even acknowledged that I was there they were too busy talking amongst themselves and playing they music on the car sound at the back of the shop. I walked around the shop for about 20 mins maybe even half an hour and nobody asked if I needed help they just walked straight past me, as if I wasn’t there and that made me mad. I was looking at something that interested me and another customer came up to me and explained that item to me - can you handle that!  I mean WTF a customer is doing the job of the useless staff members I was shocked.
I really don’t know why these shops don’t help their customers,  we pay for them to stand around and do nothing. I can’t believe it but I bet if those staff members only earned commission then they would be all over us like a rash, but why does it always have to come down to money, they not going to help the customers cause they get paid whether they help us or not so who cares, that is there s**t attitudes that’s wen they all need a groet PK!!! So they can catch a wakeup call cause that’s wat they need.
I won’t be going to that shop cause there customer care is shocking and they are no service to the customers and me being there means nothing to them so why should I even think of spending my money in that shop they don’t deserve it, I won’t even advise my friends to go there cause they really have made the Tiny angry!!! If you have had any bad service and you want to share it with me feel free and say watever u want cause I know how it makes blood boil.
Peace cuzzies!!    


  1. Fanks for stopping by my spot (albeit a few weeks back & apologies for the delay in sussing out your blog, but I been gadavanting all over place for a coupla months!)
    On amy recent return to SA & alleged 'civilisation - the East Rand (I know, that's pushing it a bit!) Hubs needed to nut out & buy a new laptop in record speed. Incredible Connection staff just about leapt in his face to help him, which was a surprise in itself. He went to another retail shop & had the same kind of experience as you've described - half a dozen salespeople studiously ignored him, so he went to the enquiries counter & asked for the manager, who duly pitched up to help him. After telling his tale of woe, sed manager then shat out his sales staff, in front of Hubs. Nice one! Hubs ended up buying the laptop in another shop for 2000bucks cheaper than IC, which was less than 200m away!

    I intend reading more of your blog, cos you did gone & whet my appetite Tiny :-)

    Jayne, with the why!

  2. howzit! Jayne its good to have you here at my site lol it is terrible how these shops treat us but aslong as they keep doing it i will have things to rite about lol keep popping by!!!

  3. Govan is cool for real deal, right? m..... a...... y..... b....... e........

    Last time I went there they were posing about discount n all, meanwhile I believe it that was the line price minus a pose discount... ending at The Price it should have been....

    One thing those sales dudes know, and thats how to gel their hair!! : )

  4. @ the Eye true story hahahahahaha they smaak to look slik but i dont know for who cause they dont serve there customers!

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