Friday, 4 November 2011

Rotten Apple!!- customer care

Wat kind peeps! The Iphone is a lakka phone  but my word their service to customers is terrible, King Tiny was not impressed at all!!

I walked into the shop looking around and there wasn’t many people inside the shop so I gathered that I would be served pretty quick, lol wat a joke.
One chap was standing talking on the phone and he saw me walk in there, we made eye contact so there is no excuse for him to not serve me. I waited for about 15 mins walking around the shop looking at all the Apple goodies, the shop had a lot of lakka things in there but not wat I was looking for, so I had to wait to be served so I could ask WTF is going on.

Eventually after about 25 mins (can you handle that s**t)  I was served WOOOOHOOOOO!! The chicky that served me wasn’t that bad- she knew her s**t, the thing that bothered me was while she was talking to me she was leaning on the counter, I mean wat kind steky stand up straight wen you talk to me please is that too much to ask for crying in a bucket!! I asked the lady where the Iphone was and she said that there aren’t any on display, come on ppl how can you not have the iphone on show that is like one of the most popular phone to buy. At that point I had lost interest cause I wanted to see the phone and test wat it is like but they couldn’t do that for me, but they have ipods and computers on display for ppl to test but not the iphone.
I don’t have anything against the saleswoman but they really have to jack themselves up I was not impressed with this shop, there goods are so damn expensive so surely there service to the customers should be top class, they need to display all the popular items like the bladdy IPHONE!!!

Well peeps I thought I would be served like a king in the apple store cause its such a larny store lol but I wasn’t and that’s not cool I am very disappointed or hey maybe I didn’t fit the look of a rich larny hahahahaha just kidding, but if a shop does treat there customers like that then I will make it my duty to hunt you down, find you and boy oh boy I will write till im blue in the face!!!! So peeps let me know if you think you have been treated like that and drop me a comment anything about good or bad customer service or even customer care. Lakka cuzzies!!!  


  1. Was this the one at Gateway? I've been in there and the service was really bad, you'd think they would have their top product on display, and the amount of money you would spend on one of their products they should at least give good service. Yikes!

  2. I'll stick to my DingleBerry!

  3. i will stick to my nokia Jayne lol

  4. Gotta agree with this one King T. I have never had a positive customer experience any one of at least 3 different Apple iStores. Their sales staff are incredibly arrogant, very aggressive in their approach (if and when they eventually take time out of their hectic busy little lives to serve you!) and I've always left their stores with a bit of bad taste in my mouth.

    As Rochelle says, you'd think at the prices they charge for their products they could spare a couple of bucks to spend on Customer Service training for their sales staff.

  5. i totally agree with you Bla Bla i wont go spend my money at that shop cause they want thousands for their products but dont support there customer service so they dont deserve it they really need to clean up there act!!!!