Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Virgin Mobile is Boss!- customer service

Wats cracker lacking cuzzies! I think these shops are getting to know who I am lol. These cell phone shops are making me proud. Virgin Mobile I tick the like button for you hahahaha.
I went into the shop and looked around at the phones that are available, to be honest their wasn’t that many phones on display but I think they a bit behind of MTN and Vodacom but wat ever they have they present it well. I waited for about 5 mins to be asked if I needed any help that’s only cause there was another customer getting served before me. I was greeted with a smile and her body language wasn’t like she was hanging over anything like an orang-utan (that’s a big orange monkey lol) she was just normal - no extra effort or anything.  She made good eye contact with me while we were chatting – so I could see she was paying attention!
The shop was very neat and tidy it looked good, there was nice seating place for ppl waiting to open contracts and lots of advertising in the shop- everything was red and white.  It was lakka cool inside the shop and that will help a span wen its hotter than Mexico outside!!   It was another good experience for cell phone shops - all the info needed to open a contract was written down on the catalog for me with the sales assistant’s name and the shops details with that.  She said I must phone anything during the day and ask for her and she will help me with anything I need, big points for her.
It feels good to be treated like a king, she said I must enjoy my day and she walked me to the door and sent me on my way very happy and that’s the most important thing for a shop:  to have the customers leave happy!now that is good customer service.
I left Virgin Mobile and walked to Cell C to see if they had anything better to offer me. I was greeted as I walked into the shop but I didn’t see if there was a smile involved cause she was behind her computer but wen she came out from behind the counter I asked if she could help me with the info about contracts and wat phones I can get and the reply I got was that they don’t know anything about they contracts cause they will only find out tomorrow. I couldn’t believe wat I was hearing. I even asked for contracts that where old and I got the same answer I was shocked so I turned around and said shot (for nothing) my word that was shocking on there behalf. I will go back to that shop so I can really find out how they treat there customers wen they know what they talking about! LOL
So I am very impressed with Virgin Mobile well done ppl, but Cell C im coming for you! Don’t let me down again or you will be inked!!!! Catch my drift.
So peeps don’t be shy to comment and say how you have been treated or even tell me of a shop to go too im keen to spread the good and bad customers service and care word lol. Don’t be shy!!!!


  1. You asked about women and shoes....Its a long story and an entire post on its own.

  2. lol ok lass i get the picture that its bad hahahahah!!