Monday, 31 October 2011

Yello’ To Good Service!!! - customer service

Wazz up my peeps! It seems the cellphone shops are popular with their bad service well cuzzies I took a trip to MTN and I don’t know wat u ppl are talking about I had the best service at MTN that I have had at any other shop!
I walked into MTN and straight away the chap got up and greeted me with a smile and a good positive vibe, I felt welcome in the shop. I think the MTN shop was better than the Vodacom shop, the guy was so much more friendly and he gave me eye contact the whole time I was talking to him and that is respect and that is wat us as customers want. He was very friendly and he had a good sense of humour  wich was lakka cause we joked around about things I really enjoyed that shop I take my hat off to that chap full marks for u my cuzzie. I think I would go back there just to chat with the guy he was a lakka person to talk to and all the info he gave me was top notch. Its lakka wen u not sure wat direction to take with choosing a phone and they suggest phones to u and tell u the pros and cons about it, he would of made my life so much easier if I was deciding on a phone!!
The shop its self was a bit small but plenty of phones on show for ppl to look at and the shop was clean and tidy it looked good and professional lol that’s a big word for me hahahahahaha!!
 there was just about nothing wrong with that shop -really I felt respected and important, it was like talking to a good friend that’s how it felt! hundred percent to customer service cuzz!
Wen I said that I needed to go he came out from behind the counter and walked with me to the door and I told him thanks for his great help and his time and he closed it off perfectly by saying “not a problem at all my friend enjoy the rest of your day plz come back anytime” and that just really made me walk out there with a smile so wen it is time for me to get my new phone I will be going to MTN-  I wont think twice. MTN u are the bomb!!!!!!!.


  1. U lucky. U obviously went to the right MTN. I went to the one at pavillion on the pick'n pay end and it was bad! For starters nobody could even bother to acknowledge my presense. Eventually the damn security guard had to help me coz no one could be bothered. the ques were horrific with 3 people in the whole shop(excluding the only helpfull person there being the security guard)But this is not the first time ive had problems with MTN. In Pinecrest center my fone was faulty so i sent it back to them for repairs and then they lost my fone. they bullshitted me with excuses and i never got it back and i never got compensated for it either! We even called some larney director of MTN and he said he would back to us and when we tried getting hold of him again he was unreachable. eventually we just gave up! Wat kind of service is that?

  2. Sup cuzz sorry to hear about your phone thats not lakka you should of fought for it i know i would of i would of demanded a new phone but hey all shops are different which is not right they should all treat there customers the same.

  3. i agree lass they have always been good to me too havent really had a problem.

  4. Well u cant keep every customer happy can u. It just cant happen but its the degree of unhappiness that counts. I've also heard of people complaining that the cell phone shops are just wanting to push the blackberry sales and they will try as hard as they can to cell u one.(Hope u liked my pun) Have u noticed that?

  5. funny enough wen i went to the shops they didnt force me to buy the blackberry it was more the Iphone but the blackberry was mentioned lol but blackberry is the new thing now if you dont have a blackberry then you not cool lol i will stay with Nokia.