Friday, 28 October 2011

Boys And Their Toys at 'Toys R Us'- customer care

Good day my chana’s! I got to go do wat every lighty loves to do lol I went shopping in Toys “R” Us and im happy to say its lakka news once again. Maybe customer care and service have picked up around here lol or maybe they just like my presence hahahaha!
Parking was lakka no problems at all and near the door im glad I got good parking WTF I had to pay for parking I personally think that’s a croc of s***t but besides that the parking was safe and secure. I walked into Toys “R” Us and was greeted by the door with a smile and straight away I was in a good mood. I went to the section where I wanted to look for something and in seconds I was greeted again and with a smile, I was asked if I needed any help with anything and I asked for the playstation 3 the lady took me to where they are and started explaining everything to me wen I sore the price I nearly fell on my back but that’s besides the point lol. The whole time I asked question and she answered she kept good eye contact I was very impressed. Everything I asked was answered perfectly it made sens to me cause sometimes wen ppl explain things to u and u don’t understand so u stand there looking like a big toss cause u don’t understand wat on earth they are talking about hahahahahaha!.
The part that really impressed me was I asked about a game for my young friend, and she said to me its not a good game for the lighty cause it has an age restriction I was shocked so they don’t just wanna sell there product they think about the customer in the long run I was very impressed with there awsome customer care.when  It was time for me too leave I had got all the info I needed and our convo was ended very politely. I   walked away a happy customer only to walk the wrong way lol I walked into the entrance door and I was called back and told to go the other way OMG I felt like a chop lol but they all had smiles on there faces so it was cool I had fun. Toys “R” Us will get my money one day cause they were very helpful.
I walked to my car very happy till I had to go pay for my parking GRRRrrrrrrrrr!!!!! But its cool my car was safe everything was still there lol it was another good day, Peace my cuzzies!!!!!!!!.

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