Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wozzza Vodacom!- customer service

Howzit cuzzies!
I took a drive to Vodacom and wow I got lakka underground parking wich was cool so I didn’t cook myself wen I get back into the car I was very happy about that lol.

I took a slow stroll into the shop wanting to have a look around first at some new phones, and as I put my foot in the shop I was greeted and with a smile so I could tell it was going to be fun. I asked him all the questions that would be needed for me to get a new phone or even a contract and he helped me a span. He gave me a list of phones that are available and he even gave me his view on the phones. He was very clued up about his phones and the contracts I was happy to be in that shop and wen I moved away from the counter to go look at the phones on display he started to help someone else and as soon as he finished with her he asked me if I had anything else I would like to know so I felt important and the body language was lakka no problem there at all.
The only issue I had was that he didn’t really look at me while he was talking to me he seemed interested in something behind me but that didn’t change the way he treated me and he didn’t really smile wen talking to me either lol he is probably a robot or something hahahaha. It was a good experience cause I know everything I need to know about the phones and contracts.  The air con in the shop was average hey I couldn’t really feel it but I wasn’t hot so it was that perfect temp! You know how I feel about this kinda thing.
The shop layout was lakka clean and tidy and all the phones on display were easy to see, I enjoyed my time at the Vodacom shop well done to u cuzzies!!!!!. I would go spend my money there cause they treated me like the king I am lol they probably sore the crown and knew im king Tiny! lol nah just kidding, cause the other ppl in the shop were treated the same.
Wen I took the slow stroll back to my car I was a happy that the customer service and care was lakka and my car was still in the same spot lol. So my peeps I just had a lakka time at Vodacom u can go there and be treated like u want to be treated, King Tiny has spoken! lol lakka cuzzies!!!!!!.


  1. hey tiny. How about u go to the other cellphone shops like mtn, cell c, 8ta and virgin and then we can compare on which network is going to give us the better customer service. Instead of hunting for the best deals like normal maybe we could hunt for the better customer service which in the long run will be worth while

  2. sup chris im sure i could do that but i gotta keep the readers in suspense if u know wat i mean lol but i will fit it in!!!.