Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Hey peeps im on a mission to tackle and bring down and pimp the stores with bad customer service, here are a couple of thing I will be keeping my hairy eyeball on lol . dont think im stupid!!!.
To start with wen come to a shop I would like to park as close to the building as possible and even under a tree or something is that to much to ask for, I am the paying customer for crying out loud. Even if u have trees in your parking heaven help u if there are birds in the tree some of these birds make like an elephant has flown over the car and s***t all over it, it could be a problem.  I want to be greeted with a smile and show me u have the balls to give me eye contact. Wen I walk into the shop I want warm friendly service I don’t want to shop around a bunch of sour grapes, who wants to do that WTF!!!!!. Wen I walk into the shop hopefully I will be told of the specials and wen being told a good strong body language will be expected or else don’t bother talking to me. Respect is a very important thing in most peoples lives, and that’s wat im looking for in shop is respect and dignity it will make things so much easier if u are respectful to the customers then the customers will be respectful to u, drill that into ur heads never forget it.
Paying for the goods that i buy is very stressful and I want it done properly and in a proffesional way cause this is my money don’t mess with my money. Wen answering a question I would like answers don’t faf around I want results dammit!!!saying “I don’t know” doesn’t work for me that is not an answer those three words will cause a war. Wen I go into the shop im there to buy something it would be awesome if everything was laid out nicely and easy to get to without a battle and if im looking for something specific and the shop doesn’t have it would be nice if it could be organised. A shop needs to have A.C cause its damn hot in summer they cant have ppl walking around sweating WTF who will go shop in a shop that stinks. Returning a item lol my fav I wanna be able to see the manager if I want too the store manager should be available on request anytime of day if I want the manager he better be there and he better be able to help!!!!!!!!!!!!. Is that to much to ask?.
Wen buying a product or whatever it is it has to be in working order or fresh the quality has to be 100% or ppl will just return the s***t so the quality has to be good. The quality of service plays a big role for a shop, if u have s***t service lol trust me that shop wont stay open for long for a shop to do well it needs good service and good variety in whatever product they are selling. It is nice wen u are offered things in a shop like if u wanna open an account and explain how wat u must do to open the account.
Returning a product can make or break a shop lol wen asking about returning a product be friendly and discuss the procedures that u must follow, don’t wen I say don’t u do not stare back at me with a dumb “who do u think u are” look wen asking about returning a product cause it could be the end to your miserable life!!! I will take my middle finger( the bird) and put it in your face and say “ that is wat u can do with your service!!!!” . Wen at the till the question about would I like a packet or not should be asked don’t just think I want a packet and then just charge me for it WTF , if its free then go for it but don’t waste my money. Once payed for your product and walking off from the counter its nice to hear a goodbye and please come shop here again it finishes it off very well. Everybody once finished shopping thinks of the same thing is my car going to be there wen I walk out the shop its everyones nightmare, and im going to check if your birds have destroyed my car. Well cuzzies im ready to head out to the shops so let me know wich ones u want me to go to don’t be shy rite lakka!!!.