Thursday, 13 October 2011

Introduction to Tiny Goes Retail-customer service

WAZZZZZ Up!!!!!!!!!! Im TINY don’t let my nickname fool u lol im a certain age and that’s all u wil know cause it has sweet F.A to do wit u. I go for wat is rite and wen im treated rite then we wont have a prob,  just to get that out there and clear, u probably thinking WTF who is this fool, and im say up yours im TINY.
 Im a cool chilled guy but with a wicked sense of humour or even evil if u wanna say,so wateva gossip or messed up things to talk about comes into my hands will more than likely be spread like wild fire lol and actually I don’t give a s***t .  If there’s anything in this world I hate the most – its bad customer service.  Because I dig spending my money, and when I am spending it – I expect some fine service. Fair hey?
 wen I walk into a shop or even a store  I expect to get treated with respect or like a king lol every customer should cause like WTF we give the shop our money and they pay there staff so without us they are nothing, so treat us like royalty DAMMIT!!!!!!!! Wow wat really ticks me off and makes my blood boil is wen u walk into a shop and the staff has a bad attitude towards u or snaps at u(if u having a bad day get over it!!!!!) I just wanna turn around show them the bird(which is the middle finger for the not so clever ppl) lol. So those are the things that bother me with shops or stores so I made it my duty to go out there and report on my experiences with many places, so im out there and I will find u the good the bad and the shocking. Well that’s all u gonna know about me TINY!!!!!! Peace.